Companies that have declared their 2016 dividends so far

2016 dividends

Over the past two months, a number of listed companies on the Ghana Stock Exchange continue to declare their 2016 dividends to the general public. While others are yet to publish theirs, there is however a few companies that have decided to pay no dividends for the 2016 financial year, mainly due to a drop in their 2016 profits. Among the companies paying no dividends for the 2016 financial year include Tullow Oil Plc (TLW), CAL Bank Limited (CAL), Fanmilk Limited (FML) and Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited (GGBL).

Meanwhile, in the table below, you will find details of the 2016 dividends declared by some listed companies so far.

Company Dividend published date Dividend/share 1Ex-dividend date Dividend payment date
Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Ltd. (SCB) 26th April 2017 GH¢1.12 31st May, 2017 30th June, 2017
Ghana Oil Company Ltd. (GOIL) 25th April 2017 GH¢0.025 16th May, 2017 19th June, 2017
Unilever Ghana Ltd. (UNIL) 24th April 2017 GH¢0.05 8th May, 2017 24th June, 2017
Trust Bank (Gambia) Ltd. (TBL) 24th April 2017 2D 0.30 9th May, 2017 18th May, 2017
Ecobank Ghana Ltd. (EGH) 10th April 2017 GH¢0.82 19th April, 2017 26th May, 2017
Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) 18th April 2017 GH¢0.38 10th May, 2017 19th June, 2017
Societe Generale Ghana Ltd.  (SOGEGH) 7th March, 2017 GH¢0.033 27th March, 2017 12th May, 2017
Starwin Products Ltd.(SPL) 10th January, 2017 3GH¢0.001 27th January, 2017 28th February, 2017
Anglogold Ashanti (AGA) 15th March, 2017 GH¢0.3634 Not available 10th April, 2017
Anglogold Ashanti Depository 15th March, 2017 GH¢0.003634 Not available 10th April, 2017


1Investors must buy stocks, at least, one business day before the ex-dividend date in order to qualify for the declared dividend.

2Dalasi (D) is currency of the Gambia. Current exchange rate for today, 1st May 2017 (subject to change) is USD1:D46.00

3 Dividend declared by Starwin Products Ltd. (SPL) is for an interim period (not the full financial year).

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