Could it be good time now to buy EGL shares?

Enterprise group rights offer

Very recently, shareholders of Enterprise Group Limited (EGL), during an annual general meeting held on 8th August 2017, approved a proposal by its board of directors to issue rights worth about $50 million. The announcement of the rights offer seems to have triggered investors’ interest in EGL shares, reflecting on its performance

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Could February be good month to buy stocks on GSE?

February _ex-dividend date

Very recently, I posted about dividend payments of some selected companies on the Ghana Stock Exchange. One thing peculiar about dividend declaration is ‘ex-dividend date’. Whenever board of directors declares dividends, they also announce an ex-dividend date in order to determine rightful owners of dividends for stocks purchased afterwards. To qualify

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3 financial institutions that promise high interest rates on fixed deposits

fixed deposits _high interest rates

As interest rates of Treasury bill continue to drop, finding alternative rates on the market seems laudable. Higher rates come with higher risks though. Therefore, investors must be cautious when making these decisions.   A number of financial institutions claim to offer attractive interest rates on fixed deposits. Even though a few of

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A simple stock trading strategy for the risk-averse investor

simple stock trading strategy

There is no doubt that the internet is flooded with different stock trading strategies. At least, we have come across terms like active stock trading strategy, and passive stock trading strategy, to mention but a few. Whatever a stock trading strategy is, there are always risks associated with equity investment.

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Is Treasury bill investment worth it?

treasury bill worth

I was on my way for my regular walk during which I received a call from a friend, asking me of my view on a Treasury bill investment for his wife. The main concern was whether Treasury bill investment was worth it or not.   To begin with, Treasury bill

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