When is the right time to withdraw from my [mutual fund] investment?

right time to withdraw from mutual fund

When my colleague cheerfully stated that his mutual fund investment would be maturing in a year’s time, I nearly got confused until he explained further. It was a usual group conversation on personal finance during which a colleague, Kwame, chipped in that an equity fund account he had maintained for

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Bitcoin investment brouhaha: Can it stand the test of time?

Bitcoin _does it have a future

Bitcoin appears to be making headlines in the media more recently. Spreading like a contagious virus, the digital currency and few of its cryptocurrency siblings keep popping up wherever we go. This has attracted the attention of various analysts in the financial sector. Due to its continuous appreciation in value,

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Personal pension schemes in Ghana: Licensed trustees & fund managers

personal pension schemes _sikasem.org

Managing one’s [personal] finances cannot be complete without a suitable retirement or pension plan. The main aim of pension schemes is to provide financial support during old age or retirement.   Certainly, there comes a time in a person’s life when he would not have the strength to continue working.

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Mutual funds vs. stocks: A revision of the pros and cons

mutual funds vs. stocks _sikasem.org

Mutual funds and stocks can be considered as long-term investment products as they both provide long-term returns. However, choosing between them can be difficult. This is especially the case if you are new to investment.   As a beginner, you would like to understand the differences between mutual funds and stocks.

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GSE Composite Index: What it means to you as an investor

GSE composite index_sikasem.org

The GSE Composite index may be probably sounding like a noise in your ears very often. You hear about it on the radio, on the television set, in the prints, as well as on the web. However, have you actually spent some time to think about what it really is

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