Imitate GSE performance returns using market weights

Investing on the Ghana Stock Exchange can be one way to secure financial independence in the long term. Notwithstanding, purchasing shares anyhow from the stock market may not yield you the desired good returns. This is likely to happen if you completely ignore the GSE composite index and your attempt

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DIY: The impact of do-it-yourself on your finances

DIY _do it yourself

My late uncle Paul nicknamed me ‘commando’ in my childhood days, all because of my keen interest in movies at the time. Well, it appears that interest never died out except that it expanded from action movies to other genres- comedy, drama, adventure or even horror so long as the

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Stock market performance: GSE return for 2017 caps at 52%

GSE 2018

The Ghana Stock Exchange has ended the 2017 year on a positive note. This comes after posting losses for two consecutive years. At the end of the last trading session on 29th December 2017, the  GSE Composite Index increased by 3.33 points to close at 2,579.72. As a result, the GSE return for

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GSE updates: Latest notice regarding non-performing stocks

non-performing companies _gse

The Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) announce to the general public, latest development regarding the fate of six non-performing  listed companies. The affected companies are: Golden Web Limited (GWEB) Transaction Solutions Ghana Limited (TRANSOL) Aluworks Limited (ALW) Cocoa Processing Company Limited (CPC) Clydestone Ghana Limited (CLYD) Pioneer Kitchenware Limited (PKL) Golden

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