Six financial habits to put you in shape

financial habits

When it comes to positive financial habits, the list can be indefinite. Among these are six common ones elaborated below:       1. Save! Save! Save! “Saving” is not a new financial jargon that must be strange to many of us. Nonetheless, this is the habit we mostly fail to live

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The journey to financial independence: Understanding the basics

financial independence

Introduction & definition A much talked-about topic on various personal finance blogs is financial independence. Predominantly, many of these bloggers write about some practical steps they took to accomplish their feat. While the sharing of such personal experiences is inspirational to readers, understanding some basics is equally important. In this blog, I

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Does it matter how much we earn?

As I began to write this post, the parable of talents in the Bible came to mind. According to this parable, a man who was going for a long journey entrusted his property in the form of talents to his servants. To one servant, he gave five talents, to another, he

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Lifestyle inflation: The killer of our finances

When an average person receives a boost in his income, what usually run through his mind?- how to acquire that latest sound system he’s been yearning for, how to change that old ‘hunchback’ television set to the latest LED flat screen, the thought of replacing those old woollen furniture with leather

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Personal finance: What I wasn’t taught in school

When one wants to be skilful in politics, he reads more and probably practises in politics. When we want to be expert at cooking, we seek knowledge, we discuss, and ask questions about cooking. Unfortunately, there is one essential aspect of our lives that appears to be neglected or less

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