Profits of SAS fortune fund drop in 2015

SAS fortune fund

The bearish economic outlook for 2015 had significant impact on performances of various sectors of the economy for the year. Figures released by the managers of the fund showed that the fund decreased by GH¢ 0.0036 to close the year at GH¢ 0.5064. The fund also made a total return

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A simple 4-step approach to create your budget

budget approach

A key point about financial independence is to figure out where our money goes. Certainly, without an appropriate plan or method, not all that we spend on can get detected. This is one reason budget becomes necessary in our personal financial management since a well-planned budget tells your money where to

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Some workers in Tema lose jobs over return of ‘dumsor’


  Some companies in the Tema Industrial area have begun laying off workers due to the recurring power challenges, popularly called “dumsor”. Speaking to Citi News’ Elvis Washington, the Tema Regional Officer of the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union, Eleazer Nyaunu disclosed that over 300 workers in the area are

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Inflation declines to 18.4 percent in June 2016

The Consumer Price Inflation (CPI) for June, declined marginally to 18.4% from 18.9% in May 2016. The monthly change rate was 1.3% in June 2016 compared to 1.1% recorded in May this year. According to the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), food inflation went up to 8.6% in June compared to 8.5% in

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Ghanaians advised to buy stocks now

Investment bankers are urging Ghanaians to take advantage of the lower share prices on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) to buy stocks of listed companies for future gains. With only a handful of listed companies doing well on the bourse this year, stock prices have been plummeting since the beginning of

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The importance of knowing your net worth

knowing your net worth

I bet one most tough question for many people to answer will be ‘how much is your worth?’ Not just because we don’t know the theoretical definition of ‘worth’ but because only few people pay attention to knowing their worth. ‘Worth’ expresses the overall value of all your assets put

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4 financial stocks you may consider buying

4 financial stocks

Financial stocks generally perform well on the Ghana Stock Exchange in comparison to stocks of other sectors. Although I invest most of my stock portfolio in equity funds managed exclusively by professionals, I also enjoy picking some stocks on my own. Yeah, sometimes it’s fun to do some things on our own

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Your food waste may be ruining your finances

food waste-personal finance

My grand mum would always fight us for disposing surplus food into the waste bin. ‘It can be useful to somebody else’, she would say. After every dinner, my grand mum would be putting surplus meals together, if any, to be given to some needy kids in the neighbourhood. There

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Is Treasury bill investment worth it?

treasury bill worth

I was on my way for my regular walk during which I received a call from a friend, asking me of my view on a Treasury bill investment for his wife. The main concern was whether Treasury bill investment was worth it or not. To begin with, Treasury bill is a

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Why the percentage-saving rule may not be practical


With other factors (such as the time you have at your disposal and the rate of return) being equal, the amount you save can make a difference. We have normally been guided by some percentage-saving rule whereby we save an estimated fixed percentage of our incomes. While this encourages consistency, it

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