Performance of stocks on the Ghana Stock Exchange

performance of stocks

Investing in stocks is proven to be one of the most lucrative means of building wealth. Stocks may be either listed or unlisted. Unlisted stocks (also known as over-the-counter stocks) are stocks that are not traded on a stock exchange but directly between two parties in a non-standardised form. Listed

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Databank introduce mobile money top-up option for its clients

Databank mobile money top-up

Databank financial service has introduced a mobile money top-up option for its investment clients. The service, recently launched, allow clients to conveniently top up their various mutual fund accounts with their mobile handsets. The mobile money top-up service is available on all networks and can be used to top up the

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Are savings accounts worth opening?

savings accounts worth

By definition, a savings account is a type of account that bears interest on deposited funds. One core principle of finance, known as time value of money, is of the view that money currently in hand is worth more than the same amount in the future. For instance, if you

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4 SMART financial decisions I had made in the past

smart financial decisions

The health of our finances partly depends on the kind of decisions we make. When it comes to financial decisions, there are ones that can lead us into troubles at the end. Fortunately, there are others too that can improve our personal finances. We can refer to them as SMART

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What you need to know about investing with a microfinance company


The primary objective of microfinance is to create financial inclusiveness and provide an avenue for the delivery of essential financial services to sections of the society who would otherwise be largely uninvolved or unable to fully access them. Ghana’s microfinance sector has been immensely beneficial to the economy. It has

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Standard Chartered bank offers lowest interest on customers’ deposits

Standard Chartered bank

Standard Chartered Bank has been named as the bank with the lowest interest rates on customers’ deposits. According to the latest report of the Bank of Ghana’s Annual Percentage Rates (APR) and Average Interest (AI), Standard Chartered Bank offered 4.3 percent on deposits of its customers as at the end

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What is the BEST investment product in Ghana?

best investment product

After reviewing a few feedbacks from readers, I realise that majority of questions centres around ‘the most lucrative investment in Ghana’, ‘the best investment option in Ghana’, ‘the best mutual fund in Ghana’, and other similar phrases. In a nutshell, the majority would like a particular investment product to be recommended

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Treasury bill vs. mutual fund: “Instead of mutual fund, why not T-bill?”

treasury bill vs. mutual fund

Treasury bill is noted as one of the most popular investment products globally, mainly due to its simplicity and low-risk nature. However, the proliferation of mutual funds, particularly money market funds, has led to diversion of some investors from T-bills. Some questions still remain unanswered regarding Treasury bill vs. mutual fund

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Could February be good month to buy stocks on GSE?

February _ex-dividend date

Very recently, I posted about dividend payments of some selected companies on the Ghana Stock Exchange. One thing peculiar about dividend declaration is ‘ex-dividend date’. Whenever board of directors declares dividends, they also announce an ex-dividend date in order to determine rightful owners of dividends for stocks purchased afterwards. To qualify

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Dividend payments of selected stocks on the Ghana Stock Exchange

dividend payments

Honestly, there is one particular sentence I always love to come across in the annual reports of listed companies. It goes like: ‘The directors have recommended a dividend of GH¢… for the year ended…’ As some of you may be already aware, a number of listed companies distribute portions of

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