To what extent do you trust your investment brokers?

investment brokers _trust

There are various services generally provided by investment brokers in Ghana. Out of these offered services, the common ones are trading of stocks on clients’ behalf, management of investment funds, and investment advisory services. Investment brokers’ role in the financial sector can therefore not be understated. Nevertheless, as humans as they

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Are savings accounts worth opening?

savings accounts worth

By definition, a savings account is a type of account that bears interest on deposited funds. One core principle of finance, known as time value of money, is of the view that money currently in hand is worth more than the same amount in the future. For instance, if you

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Could February be good month to buy stocks on GSE?

February _ex-dividend date

Very recently, I posted about dividend payments of some selected companies on the Ghana Stock Exchange. One thing peculiar about dividend declaration is ‘ex-dividend date’. Whenever board of directors declares dividends, they also announce an ex-dividend date in order to determine rightful owners of dividends for stocks purchased afterwards. To qualify

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3 financial institutions that promise high interest rates on fixed deposits

fixed deposits

As interest rates of Treasury bill continue to drop, finding alternative rates on the market seems laudable. Higher rates come with higher risks though. Therefore, investors must be cautious when making these decisions. A number of financial institutions claim to offer attractive interest rates on fixed deposits. Even though a few of these

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Interest rates of Treasury bill begin dropping

The period for transitioning from Treasury Bill to other investment options may not be far from now, as interest rates of Treasury Bill keep dropping. The high rates of the Government of Ghana Treasury bill that have been enjoyed by the public for some time now seem to have reached a peak point.

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A simple stock trading strategy for the risk-averse investor

simple stock trading strategy

There is no doubt that the internet is flooded with different stock trading strategies. At least, we have come across terms like active stock trading strategy, and passive stock trading strategy, to mention but a few. Whatever a stock trading strategy is, there are always risks associated with equity investment.

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The importance of knowing your net worth

knowing your net worth

I bet one most tough question for many people to answer will be ‘how much is your worth?’ Not just because we don’t know the theoretical definition of ‘worth’ but because only few people pay attention to knowing their worth. ‘Worth’ expresses the overall value of all your assets put

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Is Treasury bill investment worth it?

treasury bill worth

I was on my way for my regular walk during which I received a call from a friend, asking me of my view on a Treasury bill investment for his wife. The main concern was whether Treasury bill investment was worth it or not. To begin with, Treasury bill is a

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Why the percentage-saving rule may not be practical


With other factors (such as the time you have at your disposal and the rate of return) being equal, the amount you save can make a difference. We have normally been guided by some percentage-saving rule whereby we save an estimated fixed percentage of our incomes. While this encourages consistency, it

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