4 DUMB financial decisions I had made in the past

dumb financial decisions

Just about three months ago, I wrote on four smart financial decisions I had made in the past. As humans, we also make mistakes in some aspects of our lives, which include finances too. In the previous post, I mentioned how useful it was to learn from other people’s mistakes.

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4 SMART financial decisions I had made in the past

smart financial decisions

The health of our finances partly depends on the kind of decisions we make. When it comes to financial decisions, there are ones that can lead us into troubles at the end. Fortunately, there are others too that can improve our personal finances. We can refer to them as SMART

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Christmas is not the time to ‘push’ our love ones into debt

christmas gift

If you belong to the middle-class or one of the few bread-winners in your family, this piece of writing may be familiar to you then. Yeah! You may have had a bite of it already. That season is here again, when many family members, friends and acquaintances troop in to

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A simple 4-step approach to create your budget

budget approach

A key point about financial independence is to figure out where our money goes. Certainly, without an appropriate plan or method, not all that we spend on can get detected. This is one reason budget becomes necessary in our personal financial management since a well-planned budget tells your money where to

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Your food waste may be ruining your finances

food waste-personal finance

My grand mum would always fight us for disposing surplus food into the waste bin. ‘It can be useful to somebody else’, she would say. After every dinner, my grand mum would be putting surplus meals together, if any, to be given to some needy kids in the neighbourhood. There

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Six financial habits to put you in shape

financial habits

When it comes to positive financial habits, the list can be indefinite. Among these are six common ones elaborated below:       1. Save! Save! Save! “Saving” is not a new financial jargon that must be strange to many of us. Nonetheless, this is the habit we mostly fail to live

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Does it matter how much we earn?

As I began to write this post, the parable of talents in the Bible came to mind. According to this parable, a man who was going for a long journey entrusted his property in the form of talents to his servants. To one servant, he gave five talents, to another, he

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Lifestyle inflation: The killer of our finances

When an average person receives a boost in his income, what usually run through his mind?- how to acquire that latest sound system he’s been yearning for, how to change that old ‘hunchback’ television set to the latest LED flat screen, the thought of replacing those old woollen furniture with leather

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