Profit of CAL Bank drops after previous performances

cal bank

After recording impressive performances at a time that some banks are struggling in the last three years, CAL Bank has recorded over a ninety percent drop in profits for 2016. According to the 2016 financial results of CAL bank, its profit dropped from 160 million cedis in 2015 to 7.2

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Companies that have declared their 2016 dividends so far

2016 dividends

Over the past two months, a number of listed companies on the Ghana Stock Exchange continue to declare their 2016 dividends to the general public. While others are yet to publish theirs, there is however a few companies that have decided to pay no dividends for the 2016 financial year, mainly due to

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Stock analysts predict buoyant performance on GSE

stock analysts predict performance on gse

Stock analysts are confident trading activities will bounce back in the second quarter following a pickup in trading activities on the local bourse. The 2017 first quarter performance indicate that the stock market gained about 10 percent growth compared to the negative 4.26 percent recorded in the same period last

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Databank introduce mobile money top-up option for its clients

Databank mobile money top-up

Databank financial service has introduced a mobile money top-up option for its investment clients. The service, recently launched, allow clients to conveniently top up their various mutual fund accounts with their mobile handsets. The mobile money top-up service is available on all networks and can be used to top up the

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Standard Chartered bank offers lowest interest on customers’ deposits

Standard Chartered bank

Standard Chartered Bank has been named as the bank with the lowest interest rates on customers’ deposits. According to the latest report of the Bank of Ghana’s Annual Percentage Rates (APR) and Average Interest (AI), Standard Chartered Bank offered 4.3 percent on deposits of its customers as at the end

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A snapshot of Ghana Stock Exchange performance in 2016

Ghana stock exchange

The Ghana Stock Exchange recorded a negative growth in 2016 just as it did in 2015. The stock market posted a return of -15.33% in 2016, lower than its performance (-11.77%) in 2015. Despite the overall loss, a few listed companies ended 2016 with positive performances. Fan Milk Limited, with an

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Investors begin ditching TBills as rates hit low levels

ditching Tbills

Investors have begun ditching Tbills and now exploring other investment instruments in the country over the continuous significant decline in TBill rates in the country. The Treasury bill rates for the 91 and 182 days started 2016 at 22 and 23 percent respectively. But the figures however reduced to 18 percent

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Cedi depreciates slightly after dollar auction

ditching Tbills

Some bank treasuries are anticipating a relative stability of the cedi in the short to medium term following the Bank of Ghana’s auctioning of dollars to commercial banks. According to them, the depreciation may either drop slightly or remain stable in relation to other major currencies. On Thursday, the cedi

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Average interest on deposits slightly drops to 12.2%

banks interest rates

The latest Annual percentage rates and average interest rates report released by the Bank of Ghana has shown that the average interest rate on deposits have reduced from 12.3 percent in May to 12.2 percent at the end of September this year. (Click here for full list of updated interest rates)

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Key things about the domestic dollar bond by Ghana government

domestic dollar bond

The Government of Ghana recently announced its interest to issue United States Dollar (USD)-denominated bond in the domestic market. The Ghana government targets $100 million for this historic domestic dollar bond. The main motive is to explore other funding sources to meet the Government’s financial needs. By introducing this new investment

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