Wealth tracking: Manage your wealth with Spf wealthTrack

wealth tracking _sikasem.org

Wealth tracking and monitoring can be very useful in reviewing your financial situation and determining how successful you are at growing your wealth. By tracking and updating the performance of your investments on a regular basis, you can be able to estimate the stage or status of your financial independence.

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Dividend yield of stocks on Ghana Stock Exchange

dividend yield ghana

Earlier this year, I wrote about dividend payments of selected stocks on the Ghana Stock Exchange. In the same post, I mentioned the importance of dividend yield as a comparison criterion of how well dividends are paid by different stocks. Generally, it would be deceptive to compare just the dividend figures of

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5 key personal finance metrics you can make use of

personal finance metrics

Personal finance metrics refer to the various means used to evaluate the health status of our finances. As investors, it is essential that we examine the performance of our finances on a regular basis in order to continuously improve on them. In fact, the list of personal finance metrics can

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The importance of knowing your net worth

knowing your net worth

I bet one most tough question for many people to answer will be ‘how much is your worth?’ Not just because we don’t know the theoretical definition of ‘worth’ but because only few people pay attention to knowing their worth. ‘Worth’ expresses the overall value of all your assets put

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The journey to financial independence: Understanding the basics

financial independence

Introduction & definition A much talked-about topic on various personal finance blogs is financial independence. Predominantly, many of these bloggers write about some practical steps they took to accomplish their feat. While the sharing of such personal experiences is inspirational to readers, understanding some basics is equally important. In this blog, I

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