Mergers and Acquisition phobia: The bane of Ghanaian businesses

Mergers and Acquisition

In Ghana, and in most developing countries, there is no denying the fact that Small and Medium-scale enterprises play major roles in the growth of their economies. Some SMEs have been able to withstand the shocks associated with their establishing and been able to sustain themselves, hence, making great strides

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Get to know your mutual funds: SAS Fortune fund

SAS fortune fund

Our first post on the ‘Get to know your mutual funds’ series started with Epack investment fund, where we highlighted aspects such as the nature, investment strategy and performance of the fund. To continue the series, let’s have a look at SAS Fortune fund.

Percentage rates of investments: Interpreting them correctly

percentage rates of investments

Percentage rates appear to be popular in many financial publications. We see them in different forms- either positive or negative. As investors, some common areas we find percentage rates interesting are documents that deal with investment returns or profits. Many investors, as well as prospective ones, look out for rates quoted

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Performance of stocks on the Ghana Stock Exchange

performance of stocks

Investing in stocks is proven to be one of the most lucrative means of building wealth. Stocks may be either listed or unlisted. Unlisted stocks (also known as over-the-counter stocks) are stocks that are not traded on a stock exchange but directly between two parties in a non-standardised form. Listed

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Treasury bill vs. mutual fund: “Instead of mutual fund, why not T-bill?”

treasury bill vs. mutual fund

Treasury bill is noted as one of the most popular investment products globally, mainly due to its simplicity and low-risk nature. However, the proliferation of mutual funds, particularly money market funds, has led to diversion of some investors from T-bills. Some questions still remain unanswered regarding Treasury bill vs. mutual fund

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Dividend payments of selected stocks on the Ghana Stock Exchange

dividend payments

Honestly, there is one particular sentence I always love to come across in the annual reports of listed companies. It goes like: ‘The directors have recommended a dividend of GH¢… for the year ended…’ As some of you may be already aware, a number of listed companies distribute portions of

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A snapshot of Ghana Stock Exchange performance in 2016

Ghana stock exchange

The Ghana Stock Exchange recorded a negative growth in 2016 just as it did in 2015. The stock market posted a return of -15.33% in 2016, lower than its performance (-11.77%) in 2015. Despite the overall loss, a few listed companies ended 2016 with positive performances. Fan Milk Limited, with an

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5 key personal finance metrics you can make use of

personal finance metrics

Personal finance metrics refer to the various means used to evaluate the health status of our finances. As investors, it is essential that we examine the performance of our finances on a regular basis in order to continuously improve on them. In fact, the list of personal finance metrics can

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Is there any hope for the equity market in 2017?

equity market

As the 2016 year brings down the curtain, many are those yearning for a turning point in the Ghanaian equity market. The Ghana Stock Exchange, which plays a leading role in the Ghanaian equity market, is projected to close the year 2016 with a negative return. The Exchange similarly posted

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Treasury bill versus Dollar holding: A performance comparison

treasury bill versus dollar holding

Although Treasury bill is patronised by many people (partly due to its low risk), it has its downsides too. Besides inflation of the economy, one major drawback of investing in a Treasury bill is the potential depreciation of the local currency. Over the years, the Ghanaian Cedi appears to depreciate against

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