A snapshot of Ghana Stock Exchange performance in 2016

Ghana stock exchange

The Ghana Stock Exchange recorded a negative growth in 2016 just as it did in 2015. The stock market posted a return of -15.33% in 2016, lower than its performance (-11.77%) in 2015. Despite the overall loss, a few listed companies ended 2016 with positive performances. Fan Milk Limited, with an

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5 key personal finance metrics you can make use of

personal finance metrics

Personal finance metrics refer to the various means used to evaluate the health status of our finances. As investors, it is essential that we examine the performance of our finances on a regular basis in order to continuously improve on them. In fact, the list of personal finance metrics can

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3 financial institutions that promise high interest rates on fixed deposits

fixed deposits

As interest rates of Treasury bill continue to drop, finding alternative rates on the market seems laudable. Higher rates come with higher risks though. Therefore, investors must be cautious when making these decisions. A number of financial institutions claim to offer attractive interest rates on fixed deposits. Even though a few of these

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4 personal finance resolutions to consider in 2017

personal finance resolutions

A few days ago, my Facebook page kept being flooded with a mix of big vocabularies, all in the name of setting 2017 resolutions. As usual, I never came across any resolution about personal finance management even though some colleagues wished for greater career opportunities. Well, personal finance resolutions normally

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Investors begin ditching TBills as rates hit low levels

ditching Tbills

Investors have begun ditching Tbills and now exploring other investment instruments in the country over the continuous significant decline in TBill rates in the country. The Treasury Bill rates for the 91 and 182 days started 2016 at 22 and 23 percent respectively. But the figures however reduced to 18

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